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Windows Rises; Mac Falls

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Two of today’s most fierce competitors in the media, are Windows and Apple. These two have been head to head for about four decades. They compete on every level: operating systems, mobile devices, tablets, and any other front possible. It began with the operating systems.

In June of 1980, Bill Gates, Paul Allen (co-founders of Microsoft) Hired Bill Gates’ former Harvard classmate, Steve Ballmer, to help run the company. Within a month IBM (International Business Machines) Came to Microsoft and presented a plan. It was a project they had, code named “Chess”. Microsoft responded by focusing on a new operating system-The software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and programs. It is basically the foundation on which the computer runs. They name their new OS, “MS-DOS”. An IBM computer running the MS-DOS operating system releases & ships in 1981. It creates another language, making users write “C:” and various other commands essential to running the computer. This becomes second nature to most of the users, but is hard for a large portion of people to comprehend. So Microsoft sets out to create a new operating system, easier to understand, and more efficient. Then birthed Windows 1.0, and from there came several different OS’s all with their own quirks, until they reached windows 8, the newest operating system Microsoft has to this day.

Windows’ competitor, Macintosh, had their plan together before windows, but did not begin working on concepts till 1979, and Steve Jobs did not begin working on the project until 1981. The original head of the project, Jef Raskin envisioned an “easy-to-use, low cost computer for the average consumer” But Steve Jobs had bigger plans and ambitions for the Project. The operating system was larger than Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system, and held key OS code. This OS was much different from MS-DOS, But had taken ideas from the Xerox Alto computer, and made them into their own. Andy Hertzfeld, a coder of the original Macintosh team, added in the Macintosh Toolbox, and multiple desktop accessories (Commonly referred to as DA’s). The computer was very different. Instead of running off of a command line interface, it ran off of a GUI (graphical user interface).

These machines are very different and had very different uprisings. In present day, among today’s media, Microsoft is the most common, and is all around easier to understand and operate. Mac on the other hand, is less user-friendly. One example of the faulty user compatibility is gaming.When PC gaming is envisioned, a Mac is not Ideal. Mac’s were not optimized for gaming. Gaming on a mac is not only unenjoyably, it is difficult to work with from a developers view point. Windows is the main OS for gaming. Mac is more for software (such as Photoshop, video game design, recording software etc.).

Computers with the Mac OS are extremely over-priced. The Macbook Pro 12 core comes in at a whopping $3,799.00. While the iMac 2.7 GHz (their cheapest desktop) Is $1,299.00. With $3,800.00 You can buy a “Black Mamba Gaming PC” This computer comes with a water cooling case to prevent over-heating issues, an i7 core, two ATI Radeon 5870’s, a two terabyte (that’s 2048 Gb of storage)SATA II hard drive, two 64Gb SSD’s (solid state drives). The Macbook Pro 12- core has two 2.4GHz 6-Core Intel Xenon processors. 12 GB Ram, a one TB hard drive, an 18x SuperDrive, and an ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1 GB GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 5). To translate, the windows computer for the same price

as the top mac computer is better in almost every aspect. But the best part, the windows computer listed is not even the best of the best. While, the Mac is at the top of its limits, and the top of your budget.

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Windows Rises; Mac Falls