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Which “It” Has the IT Factor?

Is the Iconic original the best out there?

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The 1990 “It” is an iconic film for any
horror fan, as it is based off of a Stephen
King novel, and the idea of an unknown
being feeding off of your fear is enough to
make your skin crawl. However, the original
film, in its entirety just does not have the
level of horror that I felt when watching the
2017 “It.”
The original 1990 film really lacked
in technological advances, like CGI and
animation. The only credit I can give to this
film would be to the child actors, to Tim
Curry and his iconic portrayal as Pennywise,
and to Stephen King for his ideas.
The 2017 “It,” however, was brilliantly
horrifying. It took the novel and brought
it to life with its compelling characters,
terrifying cinematography, and ingenious
writing. I think the best thing about this
film compared to the original film is that
this film focuses solely on the characters
as young teens instead of flashing back
and forth from childhood to adulthood.

It kept me focused and intrigued, whereas
the original made it confusing to keep up
with. It also provided a lot more room for
character development for the cast.
One of the best components to this film
would have to be their use of sound. They
kept the tone ominous and mysterious the
whole time, to where you really didn’t know
when something was going to happen,
unlike a generic horror film, where it’s all
upbeat and happy and then all of a sudden
gets dark and scary.
The film’s overall theme, which I found
to be the fear of the unknown, was very
clear, and made me question what my own
fears are and why I am even scared of these
things in the first place.
Overall, I would say that the remake
of the iconic horror film, “It,” is horrifying
and brilliant compared to the original film,
which is of poor quality, and frankly, a mess.
This film not only provides you with a good
scare, but also deeper meaning into what we
fear most and how it affects us and our daily

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