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Wyclef makes a comeback with Carnival Vol III

The new addition to the Carnival series.

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Wyclef Jean has made a new addition to
his Carnival collection. Carnival Volume III:
The Rise and Fall of a Refugee has a smooth,
head bobbing, and uplifting vibe to it. While
Carnival Vol. III brings you back to the
music scene, Vol. I is more serious and lets us
see the world through Wyclef ’s eyes.
Vol. II focused on his political stance
due to Wyclef ’s run for president of Haiti
in 2010. Carnival Vol. III features some old
and semi-fresh artists such as Lunchmoney Lewis, Emeli Sandé, The Knocks, and
Supah Mario.
Supah Mario actually vibed with Wyclef
well and they came together to produce
“Fela Kuti”, who is seen as an influential
figure in Wyclef ’s journey. The track itself is
a mix of beats that make you want to get up
and dance. It has positive lyrics that Wyclef
sings over the beat, “Lights, camera, action,
everyone’s a superstar. Hollywood!”
This album is full of love and uplifting
entertainment. “What Happened to Love,”
featuring Lunchmoney Lewis, was produced by The Knocks and pumps you with funk and
thrill. The song ends with a soothing tune of a
guitar which takes the song to that next level.
It’s good to hear an album that doesn’t
use explicit language, sex, or feature artists
who sounds like they have a mouthful of
peanut butter as they talk.
Wyclef has made a piece of art that
shines a light in these dark times. Today’s
generation is so easily influenced, so to find
an album from an OG artist that spreads
messages about love and enjoying

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