JROTC Settles Into New Home

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While walking down the hallway of
the JROTC facility, one’s eyes will dance
across pictures of past members and
numerous medals. Looking in one of the
rooms, they’d notice the long-coveted
gun range. The Junior Reserve Officer’s
Training Corps, better known as JROTC
was gifted with a new training facility
a year ago, in honor of the late David
JROTC is a program where students,
or cadets, learn life lessons and become
better leaders. The Orienteering Team,
Rifle Team, Color Guard and Pep Squad
help strengthen cadets so they grow into
excellent students.
“Since I’ve been in JROTC, I’ve grown
as a person,” junior Jennifer Upchurch
said. “I’ve learned to come out of my shell
and do things others are scared to do.”
The JROTC Rifle Team recently went
to the state championship and are pleased
with how they performed.
“We were a little underprepared,”
senior Mason Leatherwood said. “But we
didn’t do too bad, and like any other team
we need to improve on some skills.”
The JROTC also has an Orienteering
Team where cadets go through the woods
with only a map and a compass in hopes
of getting the most points before the
end of the three hours. This team teaches
cadets map and leadership skills
“I learned how to better read a map,”
freshman Rachel Weisinger said. “Most
people use GPS, but what happens when
you don’t have service? You need to know
how to use a map. That’s something you
learn on the Orienteering Team.”
Students learn that JROTC helps them
become more organized and focused.
“One of the best decisions I’ve made
when it comes to building character and
discipline is joining JROTC,” senior
Cydnee Simmons said. “They teach life
skills you won’t find in any other elective.”

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