Can you help me get a handle on my social anxiety? I get nervous when I’m introduced to new people. I freeze up and my mind goes blank. My vision gets hazy and it feels like I’m in freefall. How can you help?”

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Social anxiety is a common fear, and
the thought that others are judging
you can be crippling. A ritual you can
start could be saying affirmations in a
mirror. An affirmation is a short sweet
and positive phrase that is aimed to
erase a specific belief or idea that you’re
struggling with. An affirmation should
be constructed in present tense like it’s
already happening and it should come
from your heart. One example is “I am
a well spoken person that can handle
what life hands me today.” I’ve noticed
that reciting this in the mirror before
leaving the house helps and when you
face what the issue is. It’s better than
having a mental breakdown.

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