I met this girl and I really like her, but I feel like my Haphephobia is going to get in the way of our relationship and keep it from growing. How do you think I should handle this situation?

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When it comes to any relationship
(friendship or otherwise) it’s best to
keep it real. It won’t be easy explaining
that you have a problem being touched
– that’s not something someone hears
When you question someone about
themselves, they often ask you the
same question as a reflex. You can use
this to your advantage in this situation.
It would be best to invite them to
hang out, possibly ordering takeout
at your house. As the hour passes and
everyone is comfortable, you can ask
her something like “what’s one of your
fears?” As a reflex she’ll probably ask
you the same question and then that’s
your chance to tell her your secret
phobia. If she’s a true friend she’ll try to
understand and try to find ways to get
around your phobia so that you two can

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