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Christmas commercialism reveals true meaning of Christmas

Who invented the thought of the true meaning of Christmas?

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The true meaning of Christmas is a Hallmark Channel
idea; a mere fairy tale. However, Christmas is more than
giving and more than anything conventional. Christmas
is a holiday that relies on the commercial conveniences
of giving and receiving materials from one’s fellow man
to feel better about their relationship. In Layman’s terms,
Christmas is a holiday designed to make people feel better
about themselves, and it shouldn’t be any other way.
Christmas has always been a holiday for giving
(excluding its Pagan origins) but people like to forget that
on the other end of a gift is the receiver. Christmas is a
trading deal of who can give away the better present and
make their friends, family, or partner happier. People argue
that this holiday shouldn’t be about giving, but the giving
aspect is highly important to the holiday. Imagine in one hand is dog kibble, and in the other is a
person saying “good boy.” The dog will go to the food every
time. Instinct is to receive rather than give; selfishness is
instinct. However, as we have socially evolved, humans give
to build their social circles, show interest in one another,
and overall, be nice. These social techniques are what led to
Christmas being the commercial super-holiday that it is.
Those who say “money isn’t everything” obviously miss
the message of Christmas. Of course money isn’t everything
and neither are the gifts, yet they are a key component of
what makes Christmas work. Everyone likes free stuff.
Whether it’s a cooking set for chef-impersonating
parents, or it a pair of socks for the grumpy teenager who
keeps losing his, everyone agrees free is better. Giving shows
that people care at least enough to go down to the store and
spend some sort of effort on another person. It shows that
someone cares because the easiest way to show someone affection or interest is to buy it. While it may seem crude,
it’s true. Giving is now a commodity rather than a necessity and
people will argue that “Christmas shouldn’t be about just
presents!” Well, it is. Whether your present is a pair of socks
and a hug, or a full-blown car, the receiver always feels
“warm and fuzzy” inside. Christmas is about giving love
and material goods. The same can be said about food drives
around the holidays. No one would argue that giving to the
homeless is a good duty, yet it’s not just about the homeless
getting food. It’s about the feeling that the homeless get
that someone cares for them enough to feed them. The
same goes for everyday folk. It makes people care, or at
least feel cared for, regardless of the over-hyped commercial
qualities of Christmas, which are as equally important. The
hype gets people into the mood to give, and in all, it’s all
about balance.

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