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Dancing Through Life

Joseph Garcia's Plan for the Future

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As Joseph walks down the hall with one earbud in blaring a Prince song, half talking to a friend about his next class, he can’t seem to have his mind off one place, the place he feels most comfortable – wherever he can turn into a dance floor.

“I do it to motivate people,” Freshman, Joseph Garcia said. “Everyone needs to be the best they can be, and that’s always the message I spread through dance.”

Michael Jackson, who spread a message of love and motivation in his career, inspires Joseph the most. You can see his passion and style woven throughout Joseph’s steps every time he performs. This is something he’s been working on for countless hours, for as long as he can remember.

“I asked my parents when I started dancing and they said I was a little kid,” Joseph said. “and I haven’t stopped since.”

Jojo is already giving back to his community through dance, with and without school based organizations and stays rooted here to focus on school, when he could easily go straight into the entertainment industry as a freshman.

“I dance and do plays at the Barrett Community Center every once and a while, and I stay busy working with our amazing Step Team here at Crosby.”

Joseph wants to get right into it after high school. Working with the highest names in dance and entertainment will be a reality for him. He understands it won’t be easy, but the work will pay off.

“After high school I want to move to California to be in the entertainment business for dancing, acting in a movie, plus teaching choreography and things like that,” Joseph said. “It’s most important that I don’t stop.”

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