Isle of Dogs features beauty of Japanese culture

Maddy Moore, Reporter

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The past few months that I had spent anticipating another legendary Wes Anderson film had finally come to an end. Isle of Dogs was finally on the big screen. After weeks of waiting for the film to come to theatres near me, it was beyond exciting to even have the ticket in my hand.

The stop motion animated film, Isle of Dogs was extraordinary. Everything about the film exceeded my wildest expectations. Throughout the film, it was easy to realize that every single miniscule object or moment was given close attention by the filmmakers.

Isle of Dogs takes place 20 years in the future in Japan, where a massive outbreak of dog flu has taken over most dogs in the city. The mayor of the Japanese city decides to deport every dog to a faraway island called, Trash Island; which is literally an island filled with trash. After a few years pass, the mayor’s ward- his nephew- crash lands on Trash Island looking for his dog, Spots. Five dogs- Rex, King, Duke, Boss, and Chief find the little pilot after he crash lands and decide to help him find his dog.

The soundtrack throughout the movie is one of the best aspects of the film. They have mostly Japanese music, with the exception of one or two American songs.

The entire culture of the film alone is amazing. Since the movie takes place in Japan all of the Japanese characters speak Japanese; there are a few speeches made by the mayor and other political figures that are translated into English for television purposes, and all of the dogs’ “barks” are translated into English. The Japanese culture is portrayed throughout the entire film by just simply showing their everyday lives; how they eat, what they wear, etc. The only exception is the fact that it is in the future, so there are a few things that are different.

The cinematography of Isle of Dogs is simply breathtaking. It is just so satisfying to watch. The colors, and the placement of every scene is so mesmerizing. There is an entire scene where a man is making a bento box for dinner and it was the most aesthetically pleasing display of cinema I have ever had the pleasure of watching in a movie theatre.

Overall, I believe that Isle of Dogs is an amazing movie that I would encourage anyone to see. The whole movie is art on a theatre screen that reminds us that there is an art to filmmaking, which is very hard to believe these days with some of the movies that have been shown. Isle of Dogs will remind you that a dog truly is man’s best friend.

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Isle of Dogs features beauty of Japanese culture