Weighted electives improve student performance

Haylee Snyder, Co-editor in Chief

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Late nights, fast-approaching deadlines, and lots of coffee- that is just the half of a contemporary high schoolers life. Many students are struggling to maintain a high grade point average (GPA) and rank, while learning to balance their rigorous course load with demanding electives. This has probed students, parents and even teachers to encourage schools to adopt weighted electives, which would contribute to a student’s GPA. Because many students take advanced classes and know what they want to do after college, it would be beneficial to the school district to allow electives to count toward a student’s GPA, which will ultimately improve student ambition.

One of the factors which encourages students to request weighted electives, stems from their success and passion in electives they just began or have been taking for years. For example, if a student takes a profound interest in art and obviously has the talent and desire to pursue it as a career, they should be able to take a class in it which will improve their GPA. Some students argue that academically-inclined students would not bother taking unweighted electives because they run the risk of lowering their GPA. However, if the option to adopt weighted electives seemed viable, they would be more likely to take the course then, because it finally contributed toward their GPA.

Another benefit to be had from taking weighted electives is that they provide students with a class that they enjoy to balance out their stressful schedules. Of course, students can take fun electives that are unweighted, though it gives students who desire good grades the satisfaction and confidence that they are actually doing a good job in their studies, to help them relax a little more and boost their confidence in their core classes. Many people would argue that it establishes a fairness for students who are enrolled in all advanced classes. Of course it is not all about fairness, but it is nice to give teens a morale boost every once in a while.

While many would argue that weighted electives would allow students who are not academically driven; those who only desire “easy A” or “blow off” classes, to obtain a hardly-earned boost in their GPA. This is largely true, especially in school districts where the majority of students do not pride themselves in their education. To combat this, however, it should be mandated that students be allowed to take a weighted elective if of course they have proven applicable by their academic record and should be taking all advanced classes. This should not only improve their GPA, but their ambition to succeed and to take the electives they want.

More schools should consider adopting weighted electives in order to boost student GPA and ambition within the district. To compromise with those not wholly in favor of the notion, schools would also be wise to consider making requirements for students who wish to take weighted electives, to prove that they will not take the class lightly but just as seriously as their other courses. It will ultimately be more beneficial for students because they will not only be taking advanced courses, but taking an elective which they are passionate about.

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Weighted electives improve student performance