Community raises money for education with dancing competition

Meagan Londrigan, Reporter

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This year the Crosby Education Foundation decided to come up with a fundraiser featuring our very own Cougar Stars called Dancing with the Cougar Stars.

At the event the Cougar Stars were the professional dancers, and their partners were the celebrities, which were either faculty or famous people from around town. Each Cougar Star had to choreograph and clean their dances, along with choosing what their theme would be.

“My theme was the 1960s,” sophomore Citlalli Gallegos said. “And I chose that theme because that’s when interracial dancing was allowed.”

Gallegos and Mr. Dustin won the award for most entertaining dance. They danced to “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor, which suited their choreography.

“The most memorable part about the experience was watching the Cougar Stars perform their own choreography,” dance director Victoria Boatner said.

Along with choreographing their own routines and choosing their themes, the Cougar Stars also had their own reasons for wanting to be a part of the fundraiser.

“I volunteered because I thought it would be a fun and energetic way to support our school district and help them raise money,” senior Isabel Londrigan said.

In order to be a part of the fundraiser they had to teach their celebrities who were relatively inexperienced dancers.

“Some tips I have for an inexperienced dancer,” freshman Faith Ards said, “are to just have fun and create memories.”

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Community raises money for education with dancing competition