Crosby incorporates Macbooks

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With the new school came new technology. Besides freshly built classrooms, Macbooks are the newest addition each student gets to enjoy. Distributing Macbook computers is a useful advancement that allows for teachers and students to connect even outside of the classroom and prepares students for the future. Administration has made the right move towards providing the best possible education for students.

Macbooks provide teachers with endless opportunities to educate students. Many programs such as Blackboard and Schoology are encouraged to be used between students and teachers, making class activities and homework easier to complete. Teachers benefit by these online platforms by being able to grade assignments quicker and more efficiently. These programs also benefit students by allowing them to complete assignments they may have missed in class, or even supplying kids with educational videos, slideshows or notes.

With the distribution of Macbooks, each student has equal opportunity to practice the use of technology and make learning interesting and interactive. Because the cost of checking out a computer is low and reasonable, and payment plans are provided by the school, all students are ensured a Macbook, despite financial status. This connects students by making sure nobody feels left out. By encouraging use of the Macbooks, students can be more prepared for the digital future, giving them skills which can be used for jobs, college, and everyday interaction.

With the endless education opportunities and no financial restriction, the macbooks have been an overall strong addition. Because both students and teachers can greatly improve from continuous use of technology, other schools should integrate these advancements into the classroom more regularly just as Crosby has done.

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Crosby incorporates Macbooks