Forensics class investigates during crime scene activity

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Blood splattered all over the room. Straw strayed across the floor. A helpless victim lays on the ground. The students scatter around the crime scene, searching for any evidence that could lead to the murder of the scarecrow. The class tosses the textbooks aside and gets together as a team to investigate the crime.

The Forensic Science class did an activity to learn about Crime Scene Investigation in a fun way, allowing them to play different investigating roles on Oct. 14.

“Personally, I was the photographer so I enjoyed taking pictures of the scene,” senior Michael Stafford said.

The students found the interactive activity out of the classroom to be entertaining. Unlike most regular lessons, this activity allowed them to be more involved.

“I would have to say that being hands on was very intriguing and just knowing what had happened and how it played out was the most exciting part,” senior Michael Cruz said.

The students got to step outside of their everyday high school lives and experience what being a real life investigator would feel like.

“Trying to find all the evidence shows us what forensic scientists actually do,” senior Ryan Roberts said.

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Forensics class investigates during crime scene activity