Netflix updates catalog for November

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Netflix is going to add new shows and movies this November including Gilmore Girls, The Crown, and Lovesick,. Netflix takes down titles every month. This October, they have taken down The Interview, The Exorcist, Back to the Future, 2, and 3, and Heroes.

“I am not looking forward to the next season of Gilmore Girls being released,” geometry teacher Anthony LeBlanc said. “Because my wife likes to watch that show, but I don’t.”

Some people do not like the changes that Netflix is constantly making, especially since many favorite movies are being taken down.

“My favorite movie is The Exorcist because I like scary movies,” freshman Keith Harrison said. “I am very upset that Netflix is taking down my favorite movie.”

However, other people are more focused on the shows that are being taken down.

“I like to watch Netflix because I can catch up on all my favorite shows,” junior Blair Cleary said. “But I would become depressed if Netflix took off my favorite shows.”

While some are not pleased with Netflix’s system, others are ready for the new releases.

“I am excited about Netflix adding The Crown, because I need to catch up on all my favorite shows,” Cleary said.

Most people understand that it is necessary for Netflix to make changes, in order to have a variety of shows.

“I think it is a necessary evil for Netflix to later add more recent show,” senior Isabel Londrigan said. “At least they give you a 30 day warning so you can watch them.”

Many people enjoy watching Netflix. The buzz about it brought people to try it out.

“I have been watching Netflix for two years,” sophomore Joshua Alphonse said. “I started watching Netflix because a lot of people were talking about it.”

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Netflix updates catalog for November