Students visit fair at NRG for college week

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For college week, the school took a group of juniors and seniors to NRG Stadium on Oct. 5 to speak with different people from different colleges, learn ways to get into the colleges they would like to apply for, and others ways to prepare for life after high school if college isn’t in their future.

“We talked to different people that worked in different careers and got a lot of different connections,” senior Mayci Chenevert said, “so I felt as if it was beneficial.”

Also there were people from other organizations to help students gather information on what they would need to do to get different types of jobs.

“I talked to a lady from CenterPoint Energy and she told me about the different jobs that they offer and what it takes to get those different jobs, the GPAs and SAT scores that I need to get into different colleges,” Chenevert said.

While there, some students started to think about a possibility of changing the college they would like to attend.

“Some colleges did get into my mind to be a backup”, senior Oscar Garza said, “but right now I’m pretty dedicated to the college I’m going to.”

During the field trip, other than meeting with colleges, the students took a driving course with police officers to see the effects of driving under the influence, which was also one of the fun things that were able to participate in.

“One of the most exciting things on the trip was when we got to drive with the police,” senior Zachary Wade said. “We got to drive the little carts, and you got to put on these goggles on that made you feel like you were drunk or something and it just gives you a lesson that you don’t want to have that experience.”

Students really seem to be satisfied with the new addition of the Next Level Center the school made for helping students with life after high school.

“I think it’s very resourceful. I feel like a lot of events that they hold are very beneficial”, Chenevert said, “and it’s helping me further on my college application process.”

After everything that took place during college week, everyone thought it was great experience and should be something that will always be a school event.

“I think college week was really good. There are a bunch of kids right now that are seniors that don’t know what they want to do after high school,” Garza said. “I think this week was really helpful for those kids in wanting to pursue their careers and dreams outside of high school.”

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Students visit fair at NRG for college week