Cougars baseball team knocks season ‘out of the park’, attribute success to unity

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Last week, the Crosby baseball boys faced an interesting foe: the Tomball Cougars. Battling their red-and-white doppelgänger in the regional semifinals, the team unfortunately lost to Tomball (2-0, 4-1). While their loss led to the end of their season, the Crosby baseball boys only brought pride to the community, reaching to such an exceptional level of playoffs that the town had not ever seen. They presented the best with their path of victory: 13 wins out of 16 games in district.

During their road to playoffs, the team adopted some attitudes that may have contributed to achieving such success.

“Our mindset is called ‘+1’, as in everything we do, we want to do it better. We have a goal and are working towards it every day,” said sophomore Daniel Balderrama.

A theme of friendship was also fostered as the team worked day in and day out. Like their female counterparts, they have created a brotherhood among the team.

“We also have a saying of ‘We can. We Will, together.’ as in, we act together and play for the teammate next to us,” said Balderrama.

Other ballplayers have similar views on their baseball family, though slightly altered. Junior Nathan Gabryszwki considered how the season affected the group’s behavior.

“Before, everyone complained when they weren’t on the field; now, we cheer for each other, which shows how we’ve become more mature,” said Gabryszwki.

To some, the Crosby Cougars’ perception towards playing is what allowed them to reach playoffs.

“The team coming together as a whole and understanding the rules we have has helped us get here,” said senior Jonathan Riffle.

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Cougars baseball team knocks season ‘out of the park’, attribute success to unity