Midterms held Nov. 4

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     Midterm elections are coming up fast and though the majority of the students here at CHS won’t be able to cast a ballot, it’s not only important to stay informed but it’s also very important to understand the impacts of the elections, as well.

     Of course, many pressing issues revolve around foreign policy, including ISIS and Al Shabab, however the main focus of candidates in the midterm elections is the growing gap between pay wages. While CEO’s salaries rank approximately ten times higher than the average American (not taking into consideration those living off minimum wage), according to Sirota from the International Business Time. So the question of how this is going to affect little towns across America, specifically our town, Crosby.

     I’ll be the first to admit that our little community isn’t the same as big city populations, for several reasons. Not only are we divided culturally, but there is a clear difference in the paychecks of several other, often overlooked professions. Although our town is pretty well off, there are similar towns around America that aren’t blessed.

     While Democrats are focusing on a direct attack to the price gap, Republican candidates are focusing on creating more jobs and more opportunities for people themselves to be able to earn more money. More jobs mean more money for small business meaning more people moving to small towns. Crosby would grow substantially and more than likely create a better economy by boosting these small businesses, new and old, and strengthen our community. I, being a Democrat, can easily say the Republican approach is substantially more effective. So instead of creating a larger gap, it would be highly more effective if there were to be a compromise between both Democratic and Republican resolutions. However, all of American knows that’s, quite frankly, impossible.

     Candidates of midterms are quite blatantly looking over the fact that CEOs are far more skilled than people working in the pasture, or at least in the money making sense. If politicians truly wanted to close the gap between paychecks, they would focus more on skilled labor education rather than paying people more or less than they really deserve. That is, however, a far reached idea. The best, most reasonable pathway would build local business that small people are already skilled at.

     It’s not just up to the teachers and adults around here to vote, but the students to voice their opinions and speak up. It’s not about going into a booth and circling a name, it’s about taking a political standpoint. What do you think should be done, about the pay gap, about OUR future? Because in reality, we are the next generation’s politicians, and we are the future America, and your opinion matters.

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Midterms held Nov. 4